Join us in Ethiopia

They say the key to successful travel in Africa is flexibility. We are finding that more true than ever this year. Our original trip to Mozambique (scheduled to depart next month), has been cancelled for reasons beyond our control. After several phone calls between my co-leader Kristin, me and the Habitat team, we decided on Ethiopia in March as our alternate destination.

So, if the timing of Mozambique didn’t work for you, and you would like to join us in Ethiopia March 7 – 16, 2014, please let me know. It’s a direct flight from Washington, and the town where we’ll be building is about a 3 hour bus ride from Addis Ababa. (I haven’t been there before, but it’s at 9,000 ft).

framingI’m very much looking forward to going back to Ethiopia, enjoying coffee ceremony, meeting our new families, and working with a new team to build houses.

You can learn more about the team, details and how to apply at the Habitat Global Village page for our team. Or you can email me with any questions.

If you can’t join us and would like to donate to support our team’s work, you can do that at Habitat’s secure donation site.



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